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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  October 18, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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you have all of these politics. we have playoffs going on in baseball but what people love is their home team and we love that. thank you as always for joining us. >> tonight the debate after the debate. >> i love these debates. >> i think it isn't anything that the president still doesn't have an agenda for the second term. >> team obama and corey booker is here. and the phrase that everyone is still talking about. >> binders full of women. >> and you heard the questions and you didn't like the answers. >> what can you say to assure me that i will be able to support myself? >> what has your administration done to limit the available of assault weapons.
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>> who was it that denied the hands of security. >> this is piers morgan tonight. >> latest cnn poll shows how much they have ahead of them.
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he seems to talk about why my plans aren't going to work. i wish he would explain why his plans have not worked. >> how are you? >> i'm great. are things more chipper down there than they were after the first debate? >> we were very, very happy with the debate. we thought it went very, very well. i can't explain the jobs plan and the cause of women's health
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and a great exchange on libya. so, we were very happy with the debate. right, but here is the problem. if you look at the cnn poll which was fascinating of debate watchers. and the 4.5% something there. a clear win there for the president. which was my reading. watching the view last night. when you get down to specifics. who would better handle the economy. romney 38% and obama 48%. who would handle taxes better? clear, very large wins there for mitt romney on every specific about anything economic as far as a debate watching poll. that has to worry you doesn't it? >> it doesn't worry me piers because i saw a whole bunch of
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data and most of those were undecided voters people who were still making up their minds ip in the election. and many of whom have made up their minds already. among the people who watched the debate, the president had a clear advantage and he should. here governor romney offers his tax plan still with no plausible way to pay for it. he threw out his idea last night and it is the same sketchy deal the president talked about in the debate. and the president was very, very specific about steps we could take to continue to improve our economy and it is improving. mitt romney talked about his view about how the president formed last night.
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i think it isn't anything that the president still doesn't have an agenda for a second term. he has to come up with that over this weekend. there is only one debate left on monday. >> the problem i had for you last night was that although president obama argued his own case far better than the first debate, and he was a totally different president obama last night, i thought he got stuck into his record in a effective way too, you will know this, nobody has been re-elected other than fdr himself, the way you had these kinds of numbers, 23 million americans out of work. where you have a $16 trillion debt.
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these are huge sticks to heat you with aren't they? >> let me say a few things about that. no other president has come to s that, already, hundreds of thousands of people today we learned that home construction is up by 15% in september. over the last 12 months, so yes, we had a calamity that we had to deal with and we are working our way out of it and gaining a momentum and it is telling that all governor romney can do is engage in this is because he has no plan for the country.
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it is the same prescription we had in the last decade that created the mess in the first place. exploding our deficits we tested this theory pierce and it was a disaster for the country. people do not want to go back there. >> huge pressure for both sides, it is foreign policy, the whole issue of what happened in benghazi with the assassination of the ambassador. it was interesting to me again. a home run to mitt romney that he screwed up. there were valid criticisms of the administration that he could have raised we had the at mission of the hillary clinton and i would have gone on that. mitt romney used this -- why didn't you use act of terror but if you are being honest about
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this, the wider issue is not that dispute over act of terror. it is really about what happened and who knew what and what the security requirements were and had mitt romney phrased the question better i think it would have been a more difficult moment than it turned out to be. do you accept that there were failings here? >> i think what the president said last night was clear. he feels he takes responsibility for every single person we send over seas in dangerous places as well as service people. i know as someone who is close to him, i know who personally he takes that. his reaction to this tragedy is to bring the people who did it to justice. to find out what went wrong so
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that we can correct it and make sure that we give diplomates the protection that they need in the future. but we want to do the best that we can do. and so, you know, that has been the case from the beginning of this. the president did what the president should which is to say let's get to the bottom of this and go after the people who did it. and it shouldn't be a surprise. if you go back to the famous 47% tape he told that audience i'm looking forward to that problem in foreign policy and we are going to take advantage of that opportunity and he couldn't wait for the facts to leap out there and exploit this. and that is what people want from the united states.
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doesn't the president get anything from any embassy around the world? >> there are 270 installations around the country and those go into the security professionals at the state department as to what is done. it is crazy to think that consulates would be sending those requests worked. and i can't imagine that is how a president romney would operate. i find it silly that they are trying to make it.
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do you think you should be focusing on more serious stuff than this? >> i think the binders for women was an awkward formulation. the point the governor was making was that he wouldn't find qualified women. they gave him the binder, but i'm not surprised that he needed the help. they had no women partners, he explained at the time that business schools aren't graduating women at the time. governor romney didn't reach out for the binders then. it is also true that his record
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was no better than the previous administration. which is poor and reflected in the policies that he is reflecting today. >> always great to be with you. thank you very much in deed. the numbers just don't add up and the latest on the new york city terror plot.
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this individual was motivated by al queda. we see this threat for being with us for a long time to come. >> commissioner kelly talking about the terror attack. justice department said he was detained this morning.
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white house said president obama has been briefed on the plot. joining me now, newark mayor, corey booker. welcome back. 21-year-old male from bangladesh. it reminds everybody of the ever present danger of a rogue terrorist plot. >> this is a reality that we live with. and another tribute and attack that did not happen. >> the fbi set up a sting operation and they foiled the
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plot. i know from my experience in newark he had places that were targeted as well. if you see something, say something. a lot of times, it does not hurt to make a phone call and report it. >> the debate last night, about libya. mitt romney missing an easy home run i thought. hang on, i did use that phrase. what i didn't understand about the fiasco, the way it was handled is why the president would worry about saying from the start, the world has an ever
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present danger from the start. right now these things going to happen and we are going to deal with them. you and i talk off camera and bad things happen. we have had things in the community recently with people dying. i am responsible and it has happened on my watch. he did not let the secretary of state or the state department take the heat for him. that is what i remember. on the days in newark, you could see the smoke coming up from 9/11. what bothers me about this, we are fighting about who said what. americans are killed abroad and where is that unit that should happen at this point?
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this is one thing i'm unfortable uncomfortable with being discussed. if the president said i stand up and take responsibility. when somebody dies from gunfire in my city we need to make sure it did not happen again. >> mitt romney is seeing plenty of momentum in the swing states. the democrats must be concerned about this. we knew the election from the start was going to be a difficult one. hey, things are bad, people are hurting and i think the president recognizes that. i know from my community being in the new york city area. there was fear. we were free falling from the housing markets and the president was able to stabilize that. things are getting better.
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housing start-ups are going down. look at how much progress that we have made. >> is the president framing what he will do next in an aggressive manner? i agree with mitt romney that the president was good on going after mitt romney but i wanted to get a sense of what is the vision of four more years of obama? >> that is where i actually disagree and there was a lot of hope that i had that has been delivered upon. i hope that we live in a country where people get equal pay. on gays in the military people can choose who to live with and who to love. >> we are in a period now where there are over 1,000 jobs created and when it comes to
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small businesses i see people in flint, michigan and other places saying federal programs that president didn't just cut taxes but gave us access to capital at a time when we desperately needed it. $16 trillion debt. these are two huge stakes that mitt romney can keep beat ago beating away. there is a level of hip ocsy. when he talks about a deficit that has started on another person's watch and then you are articulating the same policies. and he was given a plan about how to cut $4 trillion.
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>> if you offer hope and change and then you take the debt up to $16 trillion that is not hope and change except for the worse. >> when the alternative says i'm going to increase military spending and tax cuts that are towards the wealthy. and i'm not going to tell you how i'm going to pay for this stuff. and a huge hole, i believe, that we need to deal with structural long-term debt. but bush said we were in a freefall and we had a strategy and create thousands of jobs and stabilize the economy and save the auto industry which took money to do that. but the reality is now that we
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are growing and now obama brought to washington and some of the things have been shot down. but the other thing that he brought was the specific plan to cut the deficit. we can stave off of the stuff. tell me what you are going to cut and are you going to end interest or the mortgage deduction. give us the specifics of your plan. obama has been forced to do that. he has showed us the specifics. >> give us one line that you would give the president. again, i would never advise the president of the united states. he is darn good on his own. i want to continue to see what i saw before. a strong president that is going to look in the camera and continue to tell it like it is. our president is going to do great. the job now is going to turn out the operations on the ground.
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it was a pleasure. >> big news. coming up. mitt romney's lieutenant governor. why she says his binders for the women is no big deal. çtoooowl
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joining me another woman, kerry healey. welcome. >> thank you. >> before we get to the binders full of women scandal. let's discuss quickly what happened last night with the libya debate. a lot of heat being given by the republicans today. from my point of view, when you have mitt romney saying for the record we now have it on the record. as it turns out barack obama said it. >> clearly the phrase act of terror was in the speech that was given in the rose garden.
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but if you look at the speech. there was no connection. but i think the questions are valid and they are going to continued to be asked and especially if you look at the timeline. how many people were unable to answer what caused this calamity or blamed the action on a demonstration that got out of hand the president himself two weeks later mentioning it six times himself. what he should have said was, look, it probably wasn't the video. it was a preplanned attack that was planned to coincide with 9/11. he did.
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>> i didn't attribute the appropriate causeality about that. >> let's move onto binders for the women. i'm on mitt romney's side. i do a complete 360 let's watch what he actually said. >> he did a concerted effort to go out and find women who could be qualified to work in our cabinet. i went to women's groups and they brought us whole binders full of women. >> i don't get it. so he got binders full of detail. >> and that is right. i was actually the liaison to the organization and i spent hours pouring through the documents.
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>> should he have phrased it a different way? >> perhaps. i'm with you. but i do think that this is part of the pattern of trying to distract from the serious issues that are -- that should being debated not only on the stage but during the course of the campaign generally. let's watch what president obama and joe biden said today. >> we don't have to collect a bunch of binders to find talented young women to learn and teach in these fields right now. >> the idea that he had to go and ask where a qualified woman was. he should have come to my house, he didn't need a binder. >> i think it is a silly. it is a silly thing. they did it with big bird. i don't get it.
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i think it is cheap. and it is a wrong approach too. >> he asked me to run with him and his chief of staff was a distinguished woman. and his chief policy adviser was a woman. so, i think that it is a stretch to make this an issue and it also is a misdirection. if you look at the women in the economy. there are 500,000 more women who lost their jobs during the obama administration and why weren't we talking about them? why didn't we hear about how he was going to get them employed? he is talking about the issues that they care about. there are lots of things that you can attack women about. contraception and abortion.
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and i don't agree with him about a lot of those issues. they are fighting on the wrong side. if i was them, i would focus on what matters to them. it is not about binders of women. >> thank you very much. when we come back. battleground america to sketchy deals. all-stars on the high points and low points of the debate last night.
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and the suggestion that anybody in my team, the secretary of state, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we have lost four of our own, governor is offensive. >> the president of planned parenthood and matthew siegal president of our time represents young voters, welcome to you all.
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a very youthful panel this evening. let me start with you. i suppose the general view is that obama may have one last night on a technicality. but hasn't changes the needle. is that the way you see it? i think that much like the vice presidential debate, both went out and gave a good performance. i think democrats were glad to see a betterperformance. but i think the libya moment changed the momentum and has what allowed this debate to end up as a draw. >> he screwed it up in my opinion. is it actually going to change at the polls and are you getting worried about what you are
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seeing in the polls which is clear momentum surged behind mitt romney? >> i don't think there is clear momentum. people are saying women are going to be the deciding voters in this election. it was clear to me on the side of women. it was extraordinary to me to decide on where mitt romney stood on equal pay and he could not answer the question. the best that he could get out of him now is that he wouldn't repeal equal pay. you have a whole series of issues that women and men care about. he misled people and supported a bill that would have allowed employers to refuse birth control coverage and he has said
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he wants to repeal row versus wade. >> i didn't understand why they were getting so upset about the binders for women thing. isn't it the wrong target? >> i think you are actually right about that. we had a piece in the "new york times" magazine. the phrase itself about women. he missed the word, women candidates.
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he tried to construct the whole campaign around it. everyone knows what he is trying to say. >> matt siegal, you are an independent what did you think about the debate last night. the first question was from a college student. in any ways he is the type of my generation. college student who has played by the rules. and so how did at first governor romney respond? he kept saying, know quote what it takes to build a business and help we cover the economy. there was no specificity in what his plan is to actually give jeremy a job. meanwhile president obama said i want to invest in the manufacturing positions.
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while they might appeal to the swingstate voter in ohio, pennsylvania or michigan. the fact is that the average young person is looking for tech positions, medicine careers. those are the growing industries. and meanwhile, you have a huge missed opportunity. because either candidate could have tapped the ideal generation. we are going to ask every person to volunteer. it is that idealism that got barack obama elected in 2008. that is why my generation has enthusiasm about this election. >> i think we didn't get a big vision for the next four years at all really. >> it is a campaign of differentiation. >> that is correct. foreign policy.
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monday is the last chance. 17 million people tuned in last night. this is going to be a make or break. who is going to win that? >> so, i think this is one of those ones where i actually view mitt romney as having the potential coming in as the under dog but has a strong hand. i don't expect him to miss on the libya issue next time around. people have generally said that because the economy and domestic policy is really his strong suit is where they expect him to perform well. i think he is able to link america's place in the world to jobs. >> what happens if he comes out and says look, come on your foreign policy has been a disaster and barack obama says i killed bin laden and i helped to kill ghadafi and i ended the war
3:44 am
in iraq and announced the war in afghanistan and i helped to employ freedom. >> i think you have to do more. killing bin laden is something anyone could have done. but his view isn't necessarily the right one. i think it will be interesting to see them debate about it against each other. let me ask you this, very briefly, your verdict on what may happen on monday. you laid out his record and i think we have one of the most extra ordinary secretaries of state. looking back at the debate, clearly these issues did come out. joe biden said we are going to get out of afghanistan and paul
3:45 am
ryan was unable to talk about what the plan was to get out of the war on afghanistan. mitt romney and the few opportunities he has had, has not shown himself as ready to be a world leader. >> of course, mitt romney may say hang on a second. very dangerous pakistan, most of the middle east is all up in flames a different narrative could come out if he could convince the voters that is going on. there is always a news story about something happening in the middle east. i think obama has an opportunity. romney has surrounded himself with the same conservatives who have surrounded bush. this is the same world view. i'm not a w bush guy myself. but the simplicity of romney's
3:46 am
world view was frightening. >> i think that is a realistic fear. >> matt quickly. >> we have a mobil generation and restoring our name to the rest of the world is important. and deficit reduction. >> the average young person is probably for barack obama on foreign policy and he has ended the war and we want to see. >> thank you very much indeed. more of the undecided voters. i'll ask if they have made up their minds yet. you've been busy for a dead man. after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . .
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so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. the candidates had the answers at the debate last night, but my next guests were the ones in question. 17 million of the country watched, and four of them are joining me tonight. welcome to you, all. >> thank you. >> let's go down the list. this was fascinating last night. huge audience, big moment. i was thrilled by that. banging on about this for a long time on the show. i wasn't overly impressed by either answers.
3:51 am
no one wants to do anything about government control, do they? >> it appears not at this point. >> disappointed? >> yes, i am. >> it was a great question. they didn't answer. they don't want to answer, sucking up to the gun lobby and the nra. i just don't get it. let's turn to you. carol, outsourcing jobs, i have been banging on about this too. i don't like the fact that successful american companies ship out like apple, ten time as many of their jobs to china as this country. put them on the spot, i wasn't really impressed by the answers, were you? >> i think they could have gone a little further and instead of speaking in general terms and that's what i've been hearing throughout the campaign, but nothing specific. i was disappointed. >> jeremy, you haven't got a job. are you more likely to get one if mitt romney wins or barack obama wins? >> if mitt romney wins, he says i'll have a job by the time i graduate in 2014. >> do you believe him? >> i don't know.
3:52 am
i don't know if they both specifically addressed the question i was asking for the group of people i was representing, which is the 20-year-old college student in my position, so i think they went on a little bit of a tailspin, not answering what i wanted to get out of it. >> that's how you carried it. the big flashpoint of the evening, you know, obviously mitt romney stumbled and got off the hook on that. what was your overview by the time you look back on how they answered? >> i thought neither question during the debate was on point. i thought obama was evasive. i never got a feeling for what he was trying to say. the president did spend a moment with me after the debate to further clarify his feelings and thoughts on libya. overall, i would say i'm not a recipient. >> what did he say? >> he told me the cause for delay between the rose garden announcement and the official terrorist announcement was that he wanted to be deliberate, that
3:53 am
any action he took anywhere in the world, especially in the middle east, could cause irreparable harm and he wanted to act on true information. >> did you spoke with any of the candidates afterward? >> yes, i spoke to president obama and governor romney. >> did they give you any glimmer of hope? >> i was anxious to hear the reaction. i had a fantasy of asking him to meet with me again. >> i'll try and arrange that. no more movement really in the conversation. >> no, due to an interruption. > not so much romney, he was -- president obama came by, thanked me for the question, said it was a good question, and he said he was going to work hard at it. so we left it at that. >> jeremy? >> i talked a little bit with
3:54 am
barack obama's campaign people. i feel barack obama is alot more personable than mitt romney. mitt romney spent a lot of time with us, but he left a lot earlier than the president did. >> quality time? >> i guess so. >> have you made your mind up? romney or obama? >> i haven't completely made my mind up, but i lean towards president obama? >> i'm still undecided. >> i would put myself in the undecided bracket, but if it was today, i would lean toward the president. >> undecided. >> two for the president, two undecided. >> fascinating. all great questions, and fascinating debate and great to see you all. up next, only in america, the epic fall of the world's great cheat, lance armstrong. [ male announcer ] one in four americans can't sleep.
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